Jan. 1st, 2014

The list, for posterity. :)
This year I didn't make it to 50 books--what with changing jobs and moving across country and buying a house and all that, I only made it to 42 (also a good number!).
Of those, about 14 were straight fiction, four were non-fiction, and the rest were what I call science fiction (and your opinion may vary). Three were re-reads, none were audiobooks.

The average rating out of 5 stars was 3.56. Of the 42 books, 44% passed the Bechdel test (again, according to my rating)--that's actually a surprisingly high proportion for the year; last year it was 48% but usually it's closer to 25-30%.

The best book was Samuel Delany's The Fall of the Towers--I was simply not expecting to be as blown away by the book as I was. It's not so much that it's incredible story telling (though it is inventive and clever and well-written), but something about the themes he was dealing with and how he dealt with them just really rattled me. 5 stars.

The worst book was The Electronic Mind Reader by Harold L. Goodwin--it was a 1950's boy's adventure story and omg it was thin and pathetic. It was a kid's book with no character depth or growth; the kids are who they are, the adults are who they are, and it's basically a Scooby Doo adventure story. I would have loved it back when I was in elementary school. :) 2 stars.

The Road, and Joshua Son of None were also battling it out for last place but they both got 2.5 stars and just missed it. To be honest I think Joshua was better than the Road, though again not by much.

There were quite a few 4 stars and above this year. I've italicized their titles in the list. Wilkie Collins was a lovely addition to the reading list. :)

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