Jan. 4th, 2014

I got a Nordic Track for Christmas! Actually the hubby got it for me as a combined b-day and Christmas gift, since it was freakin' expensive. Since I am back to the weight I was four years ago when we moved to New Mexico (or close to it)--apparently moving is stressful, huh--I am implementing the exercise and diet routine as usual, see if we can get back to the normal weight range.

The treadmill was expected to show up Jan 6; we got a call on the way home from VA saying it would show up on the 31st instead, between 1:30 and 5:30. Then on the 31st it showed up at 8:20 am, gawdelpus. 300 lbs of cardboard and crate, sitting in the garage. As a delivery system goes, they suck. It's a good thing I was up and about, or I don't know what they would have done with it.

Word to the wise: If you aren't used to putting together treadmills, and a Nordic Track is your first purchase, then spring for the installation fees. They are freakin' expensive but holy crap. It took us all afternoon and into the evening to wrestle it from the garage into the basement, and get it built. It's supposed to be really simple to put together, and most of it was; but the key step of getting the wires connected and not pinched in the final construction steps had us completely stymied for almost an hour. :P

But it seems to be working and I am currently doing a 14 minute mile (run for 2 min, walk for a min) and trying to work back up to being able to run a 5K without stopping. Woot. ;) Something absolutely has to be done--my mom was glaring at my tummy the entire time we were visiting, clearly unhappy with how much bigger was than I should be. SIGH. My sister in law is quite trim, and my sister is less fridge-like than when I saw her last, so I'm the only one currently expanding. Tsk!



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