Jan. 9th, 2014

so yesterday was interesting. My office at work is having problems with the heat in these subfreezing temperatures, so I stayed home to work on a paper. The hubby was leaving at 1 to go off to do something--but his car wouldn't start. Battery's fine, he jumped it from my car just to make sure; but no such luck. Dead.

But as we're looking up tow trucks and figuring *that* out, he realized there was a slow leak of water coming down the garage wall from an exposed pipe. That proceeded to take up the rest of the day! We had to call the home warranty people (who won't cover it, due to it being freezing outside--I continue to live in hope that the home warranty some day will cover something, but seriously I doubt it) to find a plumber, who then was in the middle of something and had to call us back, so the hubby had to drive me to work to drop me off.

The hubby got back home only to discover that the neighbor at one end of the row was *pouring* water from her garage. Luckily we have an all-units email list so when she didn't answer the door he emailed everyone to let them know and she saw her email (turns out she was home but not answering the door?) and got on it. She was actually the third person in our housing group to bust their pipes--ours was a very small leak but the night before one of the other families had had the same pipes just blow and pour water down the block. Much email back and forth about how to turn off the water, and the hubby went over to help her too.

I took public transportation home! Took the subway to the bus--it was really easy and I was home in half an hour. It's more expensive than parking on campus, but way more relaxing. (Am I willing to pay a $45/month tax to take public transportation? It's mindblowing--I've never lived anywhere where driving myself and parking on campus is cheaper than the monthly public transportation.) Surprisingly, the subway runs every 5 min or something during rush hour which is great--but the bus only runs every half hour, so if I miss the 5:07 I'm stuck waiting for the 5:39. I can get home at 5:20 or 6 pm and not any time in between. :P

And when I got home at 5:30, the unit at the *other* end of the block where the president of our homeowners' association lives was pouring water like a waterfall down their garage door and down the block. He was out of town and not responding immediately to email, but eventually got in touch with someone to get in and turn it off. So that's four sets of pipes that blew due to the polar vortex! Our two neighbors emailed the hubby to ask him how their units are doing, since they were out of town too. (Also weird is how many people are out of town--we've commented before it's like we are the only family living here, sometimes.) (of course, for the fellow at the other end, his next door neighbor with whom he has an ongoing feud emailed him separately that his waterfall damaged *their* garage and they expect to be reimbursed for their damages, to which he emailed everyone on the list saying "Suck off and die, bitch." Ok, not exactly, but close. I really wish he would leave me off their emailed pissing matches. He's totally got anger management issues when he sits down at a keyboard.)

So this morning the hubby has to wait for the plumber, and I have to call a tow truck first thing, get his car dragged to the mechanic and take MARTA into work. Hopefully I can do all that before my 9 am phone call...



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