Jan. 16th, 2014

Yesterday was one of those days that just never ends. ;) There was a job interview with a visiting candidate in the morning, several hours of madly trying to do an analysis for a conference abstract--which was both exhilarating in that the grad student really stepped up to the plate and pulled a lot of stuff together, and unbelievably frustrating because there was noisy data that made the analysis impossible to run. (Plus it turns out SPM 5 no longer really works with newer versions of Matlab, I need to download, unzip and use SPM8 which has a different interface--that slowed us down a bit too!)

So we did what I hate doing, which is writing an abstract where only part of the analyses has been fully run, assuming that the final results will be done by conference time (in June). We just have to wing it on the other results, looking at the initial results which we know are likely to change. But in the middle of all that was my 2nd lecture, which went a lot more slowly than the first one. I did get them to volunteer for the different class discussion opportunities--part of their grade is leading a short class discussion on one of the topics, and that's all nailed down now. And I took my time with each slide and spent a lot of time waving my hands and talking to the class about material not in the text--which I think was more lively and engaging, but at the same time we didn't finish the material. So next Wednesday is going to be a little rushed, 'cause I have to get through neurotransmitters and brain development.

But that's ok. I have a sense that we are moving forward, finally, on more than just the schizophrenia project (which is churning out some interesting findings that are finally submitted for review) or the textmining project (which has also been slowly eaking out findings and papers). The Huntington's Disease project finally is rolling, and I have people who are reading up on resting state fMRI and will be doing those analyses over the semester. The class is going to have its challenges, but I think I can handle at least the lecturing part of it. ::fingers crossed::



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