Jan. 25th, 2014

I agreed last fall to do a directed reading with a grad student from epidemiology who wants to do something on autism and genetics. Which I know damn little about, but I need to know more, and this is a fine way to make sure I pick up more information (time-consuming, but it works). He's a master's student looking for a thesis, and his current advisor in public health is recent senior hire as well--she works in biomarkers, mostly in cancer, but has also been wanting to get into autism. She is sharp as a whip, Russian, and it turns out I like her a lot. He was late to our 9 am meeting yesterday so she and I were sitting there chatting and she said she had been hosting an out of town collaborator the day before and was exhausted, just hoping she could pull herself together in the evening because she had tickets to the symphony--and we were chatting about classical music, books, plays, the relationships between books and movies, the effects of the Soviet government on local art, how much we both loved War and Peace, particularly the lecture-y bits--yay!! She is awesome. :) I may have someone to go to the museum with!

Plus, I'm apparently now on his master's thesis committee. ;) And another student in Psych asked me to be on her committee (she's doing DTI in autism, so I have two reasons to get involved). So there you have it. I've been on a handful of thesis and dissertation committees in my time, but it's good to get involved locally. I is a professor. :)



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