Jan. 30th, 2014

So! We have survived Snowpocalypse 2014. It worked out beautifully for us--we had already planned to do to the tag office on Tuesday morning to get our license plates, so we were all set for that anyway. We headed out at 9 am, we were back by 10 am--because no one else was at the tag office! It was a weird place that had gotten someone's pews to use for seating, but they were padded and quite comfy actually; and we only sat there for a few minutes before being called up. We were home and had our new license plates on by 10:30, and then with the snow warnings, I figured I would work from home anyway that day.

And Tuesday turned into Wednesday and Thursday, as everything shut down at 1ish Tuesday and has remained closed. It's all supposed to open up tomorrow, and when the hubby was out today he said the local roads were completely clear, not a problem. But Tuesday night was hell for anyone who was on the roads after about 1 pm.
They are still picking up cars from the freeway today!

Atlanta is the laughing stock of the country and no mistake. There's really no excuse for the meltdown, there there seem to be a lot of reasons (not just no snow plows, no snow tires on everyone's cars; there's also the deeper problems of not enough roads or trains for all the people to move at once, a highly centralized downtown which means everyone is leaving from the same point, and a fractured gov't across townships and counties without any coordination). Though as the hubby pointed out, it's as though Boston got hit by a 5.0 earthquake and everyone in California just laughed at them for freaking out. Boston's ready for hurricanes and blizzards, but you hit some place with a natural disaster it's not ready for, it's going take a beatin'.



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