Feb. 9th, 2014

Yesterday started out poorly but ended better. I had a brilliant plan to take the pictures into the office that I hadn't been able to hang over Christmas break, and bring home the broken coffee maker and some other things; and bring the hubby with me, so we could have a nice lunch somewhere downtown first and then go deal with the office.

Unfortunately, after picking out a bunch of restaurants that either weren't good or weren't open on the weekends, I found one that looked good and claimed to be open on the weekend; but somehow I picked a restaurant for lunch we couldn't find. It probably was there, we realized after circling the block a few times, but inside some other market and invisible from the street, and the parking was impossible. So we went to the office figuring we'd do that part first and then regroup to plan lunch; and there was nowhere to park in the loading dock! I was about to give up in a snit, figuring it was just not my day, but then someone pulled out and we were ok. From there on it kind of picked up--we got what we were there for, and when we got home, the hubby made us a nice lunch. I got a walk, and a nap, and some donuts from Krispy Kreme, and a decent dinner, and somewhere in there I wasn't so grumpy any more. :)

Today I did some grading in the morning, did a massive grocery store run, snuggled with the hubby for a bit, and wrote a page and some of a pilot grant proposal. It felt really good to be done with work by 1 pm!!

So we went out for coffee and checked out the Lenox Mall, which is apparently the Fashion Island of Atlanta. Absolutely nothing there worth getting, except for cupcakes. :P But toodling up the road from there we found a Barnes & Noble which is better than the one nearer to us, and I found some books I want to get. Then cupcakes for dessert with dinner. :) Noms! Back to work tomorrow.

But my coffee maker is completely shot. Grrr....Only had it about a year!



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