Feb. 17th, 2014

We've got someone coming to look at the fireplace today, preparatory to getting it cleaned and re-painted and made both pretty and useable. This means that we had to clean up the living room a bit yesterday, so we are slightly less cluttered now! Since we haven't gotten a filing cabinet arrangement sorted out (what kind? where to put it?), I've been using the stairs and living room floor as a filing system--which irks me but y'know, it works. But yesterday we went to Staples and Office Max to look for a short, two-drawer filing cabinet to get this taken care of; we failed, because they both have the same products for slightly different prices, and all of them were crappy lightweight stuff that looked like it would bend if you put two years' taxes in them. Not painted inside, rough edges, etc. :P But I got a small plastic holder meant to keep a few files in, and that turned out to be enough to handle most of it. I think if I get one more we'd have enough to get through the year with utilities and healthcare and house receipts, etc.

Then I just need somewhere to keep the stamps and envelopes, and we're set. ;)

Next after the fireplace is getting the basement door fixed--it fell apart about a month ago, and we need to upgrade it to a more secure door anyway, and get the front door re-hung and fixed up too; then we turn to the 2nd bathroom upstairs and its issues... The pitfalls of home ownership, seriously.



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