Mar. 1st, 2014

wow I have been a long time away from here. This week was horrifically busy with grad student applicants arriving--let's not even discuss the cognitive dissonance I feel between needing grad students and wanting to have a full successful lab, and worrying about what the f*** yet another PhD in psychology will do to be so useful to the world, what can I possibly do for them that would make them better off than they would be doing something else entirely--and various collaborative seed grant proposals are due, which is important for building local collaborations, and I wasn't sleeping, and Wednesday night I finally got the 24 hour tummy flu and was down all day Thursday.

Missing a grant planning call, two faculty meetings to decide about students, and some other meeting I've now forgotten about.

Oh yay.

It didn't help that I'm picking students from clinical psych, cognitive psych, neuropsych, and neuroscience, and none of the programs recruit the same way, contact the students the same way, assess the students the same way, or make decisions the same way. So it was a bit of a blur. And it didn't help that my top pick for clinical was also someone else's top pick and he was sure if we made the offer she would pick my lab, so I was counting on her--and of course she picked his lab, which is both a blow to my ego and my planning roster. :P I've made two other offers and I hope to god they both take them. They haven't written back right away saying oh yay and yes please, which makes me damn nervous. If after all this fuss and bother I end up with NO students, that would be ridiculous!

So yeah, I'm a bit stressed. However, I've seen an amazing amount of 2 am TV that I haven't seen before, including episodes of My Three Sons, The Donna Reed show, and some Korean TV which is just odd beyond words. ;)



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