Mar. 10th, 2014

The weekend wasn't bad--Saturday I slept until 8 am (whoo hoo!) which considering I had crashed at 9 pm the night before was a very good night's sleep. Saturday night I managed to sleep in through 'til Sunday too. (Last night, not so much; I've been up since about 3 am.)

I'm trying to remember what happened Saturday--I know the hubby and I tried to find something to get out and do, but our perennial lack of planning definitely got in the way. We always find things which we needed to know about a week or two ahead of time, or which would have been fun if we had left at 10 am but by 1 pm it's too late, etc. But we did get out and do *something*, I'm pretty sure. I have books I haven't read yet lying around the living room, which indicates we went to a bookstore... ;)

Sunday I was working all day--I needed a lecture for Monday and I'm giving at talk at GA Tech on Thursday that I had to pull together, and that took pretty much all day. Managed to go for a short run in the afternoon; I'm getting better about keeping up a 6 mph pace, at least when I can find the time and energy to get on the treadmill!

I have a visiting grad student applicant in town, and I picked her up yesterday evening and gave her dinner, dropped her off at a guest house. I have to go pick her up in about half an hour and start the day...

(However, one of the other students I'd made an offer to has intimated that she is going to accept, so yay!)



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