Apr. 6th, 2014

Yesterday I did not work at all. :)

I didn't exactly sleep in--I've had a few good nights in a row and thus Friday night I was asleep at 10 pm, and awake around 3ish, 4ish on Saturday morning. Such is life! But I played with my phone for a few hours, dozed a little, and by 9:30 I was actually going for a jog for the first time in weeks.

The hubby and I watched some TV, and discovered the A/C had stopped blowing. In checking it out, it turns out there was ice on the thingie (compressor?) out by the garage, so the hubby hypothesizes that the circulating freon? is not getting warmed up the way it should be because the blower wasn't exchanging the cooled air with the hot air of the house the way it should (though he explains it better ;). So that's going to looked at on Monday by the A/C people. We knew the heater/AC unit was old and they said in the fall it would need looking at in the spring (though that was for the chemicals, not that they expected the blower to fail--but they did say it was living on borrowed time, effectively). So mentally I've been holding a wad o' cash in reserve expecting we would need a new A/C system. But still, sigh. More $$ you don't get back when you sell the house (which is looking more and more likely these days--2 years or whatever the minimum is for tax reasons, and this puppy goes back up for sale so we can find something closer to MARTA).

Then we had lunch, went out to test our new phones around the city, heading out to Buckhead to get the hubby some shoes. We got shoes, picked up stuff at Target, got more printer toner at Staples, checked out a used bookstore we hadn't been to before, and restocked the liquor supplies. Between that and the expectation of A/C repairs, it was an expensive day!! But very satisfying. :) Good bookstore to find, with a great selection of fiction/sf for me; less for the hubby but he found some books he wanted too, adn we will be going back. Watched the penultimate episode of Wallander (the Swedish version, 2nd season) after dinner and did not fall asleep. Though I'm bummed that there is not more of that series available on Netflix.

Wow Buckhead is a part of Atlanta that I have no need for, I must say. The whole place is one, big, sprawling mall. There's the actual Lenox mall, which is basically Fashion Island transplanted to Atlanta (all high-end designer stores like Coach or BCBG that advertise in Vogue and I would never dream of shopping in); but even away from that, it's largely high-rise apartments and condos sitting on top of or next to more shops. It's all brands and mall restaurants we recognize from southern California (chains I never saw in Albuquerque!), and expensive as the day is long. All the "Atlanta's Best" steakhouses are there, for example, when I was looking for a place to get a steak the other week--and it's all $60/head at a minimum. It's the "live at the mall!" trend taken to an extreme where even if you don't want to live at the mall, the mall will come to you and take up residence downstairs or next door or across the street. Combined with the expectation of affluence and conspicuous consumption. Brrrrr! Get me back to the mid-town areas...

However, our new phones had no trouble with connections no matter where in town we went yesterday. Since we switched from Verizon to Sprint last week, we did want to check that out. (I have a smart phone!! Whoo hoo! I have joined the 21st century!)

Today I have read one of the E.R Burroughs novels I picked up yesterday (yay!), and now have to set up my lectures for this week's classes, and give one of my undergrads feedback on her honors thesis. And then we have the task of straightening some stuff out for the Pennyslania inheritance tax, which we need to straighten out toot sweet. Apparently PA taxes anything you inherit, no matter how much it is. SIGH. Blargh. Fun and/or games...



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