Apr. 9th, 2014

Testing out a new app to post from my phone. .. it will change the flow of thought I am sure. How could you develop the idea of the novel when you are carving it into stone?

I have to admit to a guilty pleasure in the TV show, Preacher's Daughters. It's a reality show following four teen girls and their families, particularly the parents. It is, to quote the hubby, Bad Parenting Theater. OMG. words fail me. I'm sure that it's cut to be dramatic and not really how the people are, but they did agree to be on a reality show so they are probably not completely sane to begin with. The lack of insight is unbelievable--several of the dads are constantly moaning not about their daughter's welfare but about how it will look to the congregation if she does pot or dresses sexily or something. Then they wonder why their daughter acts up all the time.

It's a train wreck. But we're cheering for a couple of the girls against all odds…
So I was riding MARTA home today, standing in a crowded car for a short ride. There is a definite ethnic majority on public transportation here, and I am not the majority, let's say. But I remembered Rosa Parks and thought how odd it would be if there were a section of the train I had to ride in, or if people thought it was odd for a white woman to stand while black men sat, for example. How completely bizarre to expect that we have to be kept separated simply because of the color of our skin. It's perfectly cool for anyone to sit and anyone to stand, and how could it be otherwise? I couldn't put myself in that mindset.

But I could see how people get uncomfortable when people don't behave the way they are expected to. It's not like one group would freak out and threaten a member of the other if they are in the wrong part of the train as a matter of course, but people get antsy when other people don't behave according to the norm. Even if the norms make no sense.

So it must have been hard to get from a segregated train, from the expectations that we must be separated, to the expectation that anyone rides anywhere and that's ok. The difficulty of that transition, I could definitely empathize with. I am, I must say, very glad to be on this side of the transition.



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