Apr. 22nd, 2014

I will be very glad when the semester is over, though to be honest my class at least is doing ok. I've been very pleased with the quality of the rough draft papers I've been seeing, and while there will be some people who do poorly by the end, there's a good bunch of students doing well overall. I've got one student who is totally pissed off at her not understanding the content, and is coming to my office hours on Thursday to try to get it clear; and quite a few who have thrown themselves into the topic and done very well, even though they feel a little overwhelmed. And there's a surprising number who just can't hold it together--one who admitted she had senioritis, but given she is in danger of failing, that senior status may continue into the summer if she isn't careful. Some just don't care, like her; others just couldn't keep the assignments and due dates straight. At least one claimed a recent family emergency, but since he'd been blowing the class off since before the midterm, he didn't get a lot of sympathy from me.

My syllabus was lacking an explicit policy on late assignments. That will be rectified. :)

And on the other end of the spectrum, of course, are the students who are in every class, do every assignment, and generally are going to end the semester knowing a buttload more about the neurochemistry that underlies how the mind works, than they did when they began. :)

And a number of my imaging genetics projects have come together--the big paper that we submitted at Christmas finally got rejected, but it's going back out shortly. The post-doc has a 2nd paper coming together at the same time that will be good. My grad student at UNM is submitting her second paper, and my undergrad has a nice piece together that we'll get published somewhere. The undergrads here at GSU have made good progress on their connectivity analyses, and one of them was awarded a stipend of sorts to keep working on it over the summer (yay!). That'll be a paper by the fall, I'm betting.

So we do what we can. Science progresses! But I have a grant with Anla we wanted to get done by the beginning of May, and that just ain't going to happen, on my end. I hate to let her down! I need to write it and get letters of support from people and make sure that we are actually citing all the recent relevant literature, etc. Gaaaaah...



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