May. 16th, 2014

The trip home from NYC was much less eventful than the trip out, and a good thing, too. Had lunch with the hubby at a pub near the MARTA station and all's well.

NYC may be too much city for me, I think. I've often said that living in NYC in my 20s would have been great, when one has enough energy to keep up; but leaving on Sunday I was taking the van out to LaGuardia using the Queensboro bridge, and I was struck by how the city just went on and on, all tenement buildings that looked like they were either built in the 1890s or alternativelly the 1950s--all old, crumbling, stacked on top of each other with insufficient electricity or ventilation. It looked like an incredibly uncomfortable way to live. I was realizing that living in NYC would probably have been too complex for me; in So Cal, I figured out the freeway system, and ranged from Thousand Oaks to San Diego, and it was all my turf. I could go anywhere, any time that I could get a car and the free time. In NYC at the same age, I think just living, just getting heat and A/C properly running and figuring out where to get groceries, would have left me circling just a few blocks of "my neighborhood", only going where I needed to for work and the occasional trip out for dinner or the museum or something. You can't feel like you belong to all of NYC.



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