May. 18th, 2014

So yesterday we actually did something, which was rather nice. There were oodles of spring fairs going on in the various nearby towns, so I picked Suwanee, and a vintage bookstore on the way. It was supposed to be cloudy but not rainy, but unfortunately they were a bit off on that--we got to the bookstore and poked around, the hubby got a book, it started to rain as we left the store. SIGH.

Luckily it wasn't raining hard, and we had brought our coats and an umbrella, so we could putter around the fair in the Suwanee Town Center, which would have been lovely if it were sunny. As it was, we got to watch some bizarre tumbling acts, and listen to 70's disco music piped over the loudspeakers, walk around the booths looking at jewelry and art and candles and whatnot. We'd made the mistake of already having lunch, so we didn't get anything to eat. But it was good to know what was there and how far it was, etc.

Coming back we stopped at the Cafe Aroma in I think Lawrenceville, which had an awesome caramel cupcake but the espresso was a disaster. But now I know where Lawrenceville is, which I means I really need to get together with jdh92. :)

We also stopped at the Sugar Mills mall, which was the first mall we'd seen in years which was actually full, lively, with lots of activity. I need to go back there--they had this wacky rollercoaster ride that I want to try when the hubby isn't there making fun of me. ;) It was an enclosed car that picked you up and shook you around, like a personalized Star Tours, and you had your pick of half a dozen different routes, like Mars or the Wild West or the Arctic or something.



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