May. 20th, 2014

so I haven't done a work update in a while, and it is garbage day here, so here we go. The ratings from the students in my class this semester are finally in, and I did pretty well, over 4 on average out of 5. Woot! I'm meeting with the person over seeing the writing classes tomorrow for a postmortem. Maybe I don't need to change anything, if most people got decent grades and were happy with the class before they even saw their grades.

so,yay. And there are two grad students working part time in the lab, Steha and Jeci, along with Aram full time--Aram isn't quite as experienced as I had hoped she would be, but she is putting in good effort and is in 9-5,which is a massive help. Then there is also Eipe, Dapa, and Jesne, and Amba just started today too. It's all women,I'd like to point out! Hopefully I will be a good role model. :)

But so far they are moving ahead--Jeci is getting her poster together for OHBM, Aram and Eile and Jesne have gotten some analyses pretty much done, Steha and Dapa are working together on another dataset,Amba will be working with Eile--we should be coming along nicely by the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, Vepa has graduated with honors in bio and psych, Cawr has her second paper under review, Naco's big paper has been resubmitted, Botha's paper is still being revised (largely in my court, unfortunately), and the ENIGMA SZ working group is moving along nicely. ::phew.::

Mind you, my NIH grants are requiring I spend way more time than they should on budgets, approvals for rebudgeting,etc. The IT group in Psych have given up on getting my 8TBlinux system working, and I have to figure out how to get that done,before my grad students show up this fall. And heaven knows the analyses coming out of these undergrads are likely full of errors. I am a subcontract to Jeli's R01 that is being submitted June 5, and of course Anla and I have the massive textmining grant we are submitting the same date, and let's just say it's not in good shape.

So yeah, stress. And good stuff.



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