Jun. 12th, 2014

Well I was going to try to post some pictures but I'm not sure I'm up to it at the moment!
So let's see a recap: Sunday was the OHBM workshops, and I was slated in the afternoon to give a talk. Anla's mom finally died, so she missed this year's OHBM workshop just like she missed last year's (sigh, and while I am so sorry her mom finally died, I am relieved that woman is no longer suffering the hell she's been going through, slowing dying piece by piece over the last however many years). But lots of other folks were around on Sunday. My talk was a bit out of place--the session was on coordinate-based meta-analyses of fMRI experimental results, and my talk was on "Where can you get actual fMRI data to analyze yourself". But! I've had several people come up to me over the last few days to tell me how much they appreciated it, they were looking for information like that. And the organizer of the workshop is pushing me to propose a special issue on it, so hey. Not bad.

Sunday night was the reception, where I completely failed to catch up with Stehr or Vica or anyone else I had said I would meet there, but ran into folks from NITRC, and Jeci the grad student found me against all odds to hand over the posters. I ended up chatting for a long time with Sepl and Viva from New Mexico, and walking back to the hotel at 9:30 we all puttered through the big botanical garden behind the conference center, and managed to be by the lake when the light and fountain show went off! That was a nice bonus. :)

Monday I had to hang my poster at 8 am, and the talks were pretty good. I was meeting Vica and Stehr for lunch, but Vica overslept! But Stehr and I ran into Sagh and had a lovely lunch near the conference center. Sagh and I bumped into Vica as we were heading back to the poster session, and proceeded to chat about work and plans and research and whatnot until we'd missed the poster session completely. :) But we went right into a large but productive meeting about the ENIGMA project, talking to a new group who wanted to join in and wasn't sure how--and since we had Dehi here who's definitely part of the brain trust for it, and me for the SZ group, and Sinead for the DTI group, it was a good time to sit down and present the organization. All told, that was a good set of discussions.

Monday night was the Frontiers' editorial board dinner, which took all freakin' evening but I did meet a good number of people I haven't met before and we had a good time. Plus Arkl was there, and his job situation has straightened out and he's back to being his normal raucous self--found his feet, has a job he believes in and a future he's happy with, and I'm so happy for him. He's this gentle, freaky, Ichabod-like guy who is a total genius. ;) JB who organized the dinner wanted us all to come up with ways to improve the Frontier journal he runs, and I think he came away with a good handful of bullet points, so he got his $$ worth.

Tuesday I had another 8:30 meeting about ENIGMA, this time with Dehi wearing his hat as the liaison for the bipolar group, me for schizophrenia, and Lisch for the major depression group. That was another very good discussion, and I am hoping we don't forget what we talked about--I tried to write it down as soon as I got back to the talks. :) Tuesday lunch--I am drawing a blank on that, because I had to make it fast in order to stand by my poster on time. I had a few good interactions over that, but the poster sessions this year are definitely not the crowds I remembered from say back in Budapest. I'm not sure if we have more space now, or if people have actually stopped coming to the posters over the years!

Tuesday night I was supposed to go back to my hotel room and work, but I bumped into Jebo whom I haven't seen in YEARS and we went out for dinner together. And that was a very slow process--we were only heading out of the restaurant at 9:30! But it was so good to see him, and he's thinking of swinging through ATL later this summer, which would be very sweet indeed. :)

Wednesday was yesterday... I had to meet Jeci at 8:30 to hang her poster this time, and then off to talks and whatnot. I had lunch with Glowa from Taiwan, the one who'd come up to me last year wanting career advice? She's doing *way* better now (probably due to no help from me, but still, I am so glad to hear it), and things are just going great guns there, with her being tapped to head a new center which is right up her alley, she's not so stressed about grants any more, etc. So yay! And we are going to try to skype every month, because we've got some ideas for collaborative projects that we need to pursue. Woot!

I swung by Jeci's poster presentation, which she handled just fine, and then got pinged by Vica to go talk to Sepl about Sepl's talk for Thursday. Sepl needed some background slides on the disease he was talking about, so that and finishing an article review for Mol. Psych. took up the afternoon. I skipped the afternoon keynote lecture and went home briefly to see if I could skype with the hubby, but no such luck. So back we go to meet up with Vica and Rago and Jebo and everyone from the old MCIC project, and we all brought our labs, so Jeci came along as did some extended MRN folks and a huge group from Rotterdam, and a good time was had by all. :) Then it was off to Club Night, but this year I didn't shut the place down. We got there around 11, and Jeci and I and Rago and Anmi just stayed until midnight, to make sure we caught the last train home. But I got to dance with Dakema and the NITRC gang, so that was cool. They are always to be found with a welcoming circle on the dance floor, which is my kind of place at this point. As I said to Jeci, you've now partied with the creators of NITRC, Nypype, and NeuroDebian. :) We're all old, staid, married, most of the guys have kids they just adore as well, but a lot of them are out until the wee hours at least once a year, at the OHBM club night. ::chuckle::



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