Jun. 15th, 2014

I have to admit guiltily that I had four hours or so of work lined up to do on the eight hour flight yesterday, and I spent the whole trip back from Amsterdam watching movies. Bad researcher! But I did enjoy it. :) In sum, I watched Rio, Rio 2, The Rise of the Guardians, Toy Story 3, and The World's End. Not a bad line up!

Rio and Rio 2 are animated movies about some blue macaws in Brazil, very eco-friendly and just good fun. The Rise of the Guardians was also animated, about Jack Frost, Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy against the Bogeyman in the fight for kids' happiness. Theologically ridiculous, but pretty well done, I thought. The Tooth Fairy was adorable.

Toy Story 3 was great--it has been years since I saw the first two, and it was fun to get back with them again. And I loved what they did with the story, since it was about the kid now going off to college and what to do with the toys? I remember going through my childhood toys when I was in college, getting rid of all of them with some heartbreak. Though mine were more like the Velveteen Rabbit then these toys were in the movie, after hard childhood play. ;) (None of them still had all their eyes and ears and stuffing.) I can't imagine what they do in Toy Story 4--this was a lovely note to end on.

The World's End was what I expected from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost--it was not as clever as Shawn of the Dead, but still it worked. Seriously, about half an hour into the movie I'm thinking I must have misunderstood the trailers I saw so long ago; I thought it had zombies or something in it, but it was looking like Pegg had made a normal movie about the sadness of growing older and a 40-something guy trying to capture his lost youth. I was going to watch it anyway, since I am at a point where I am interested in various perspectives on aging and mortality--and then the weirdness started. From then on it was part thriller, part slapstick comedy and lots of pub fights. :) Works for me. I always like Pegg's characters; they are always losers but he knows how to keep it from being just too painful, for me, so I can keep watching to see how he makes good in the end.

The nice part about being behind the Baby Boomers is that as they are aging I think there are more resources, more awareness in the culture, more positive or at least thoughtful examples in entertainment about aging and being old. Maybe that is just my growing sensitivity to mortality,though...



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