Jun. 30th, 2014

Bug invasion over the past few days = bug exterminator coming on Wednesday = this weekend is spent cleaning up, scrubbing and vacuuming and generally picking stuff up.

On the good side, Saturday we made one more push to find a small table that was both sized appropriately for one particular corner of the room (pretty small) but still sturdy enough to hold our printer (pretty heavy). All the tables we've looked at over the past few months are either too small, too short, or too big in one dimension, or too spindly to hold something that heavy. But we decided to check out The Dump, which is a store for overstock/remaindered furniture.

Most of the furniture there is unbelievably ugly (and whoppingly expensive!), BUT against the front wall, where most people don't look because the walkway pushes you toward the middle of the store, there was some truly wacky stuff that was more fun. Toy cabinets that folded out into drawers that looked like a shoeshine kit, wardrobes with Hail Britannia logos on them, that sort of stuff. And in and among that, there was a line of furniture from India, which it turns out was made from all sorts of antique/re-used wood and carvings. And there the hubby found an absolutely perfect end table with a glass door that's kind of a blue stain and very sturdy. Right size, right look, it's great! :) And we know have part of some antique building from India that was torn down and we got one of window frames or something. ;)

On the bad side, in scrubbing up the kitchen yesterday and clearing out under the kitchen sink so the people could spray later in the week, we discovered that the kitchen sink has developed a nasty leak. :P It's a slow one but it's clearly not working. Brown goop all over the bottom of the cabinet. So the plumber is coming this afternoon and hopefully it'll be a quick fix (fingers crossed).

And in the good news, the bathrooms are immaculate, the kitchen's been scrubbed, the main bedroom has been vacuumed and dusted and arranged, a lot of empty cardboard boxes have been flattened to be removed, and my trunk is full of clothes for the local donation dropbox. The printer is in its new location and tonight we should make a pretty good stab at rearranging the rest of that room to make it more usable. Woot.



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