Jul. 15th, 2014

So over the weekend I worked a bit and took a lot of time off, playing a new game at games.com. :)

But then yesterday evening after work I was next door at the neighbor's because she was getting a quote on new windows, and we need new windows too so she let me join in. (We'll see how THAT goes!) In the middle of it my brother called but I missed it.

So the hubby and I went out to dinner, and in the middle I remembered my brother had called so I stopped to check it, and while I was working through that the hubby checked his email and there was a message from my mom.

The email said she'd been in for a CT on Friday for some odd problems and got the results back, and there was a mass on her pancreas. Where there had not ought to be one, and the doc said it looked like cancer. More tests needed to be sure of course. (My brother's call was assuming I had seen the email--but my mom had sent it to my old yahoo email so I didn't get it.)

The hubby offered to cancel dinner and go home, but I figured no, nothing I could do anyway, I'd hold it together; but when we were done he suggested I should go, so he paid up and drove home while I called my mom from the car. ("Got your email, mom--what the hell?") She'd had a cold over the 4th of July weekend the last time I talked to her, but that was fine; but at the tail end of the cold in the middle of last week she started getting chills and fever feelings without running a fever, and got into the doc on Friday who noticed she was turning yellow! So he got a CT scan for her right away, and she proceeded to get yellower over the weekend while waiting for the results.

And there we are, with the dreaded and deadly diagnosis "pancreatic cancer" hanging over our heads. She's in to see the gastro enterologist tomorrow, with the expectation of a biopsy shortly. But her bile duct is blocked! She's lost 10 lbs already--she can eat but her body can't do anything with it. I'm a little concerned she isn't in the hospital already; can you let people walk around for days with no bile?

I called her again today at the end of the business day and she sounded good, not faint or exhausted. But she's definitely facing squarely the idea that This Is It, and that is understandably difficult for the rest of us.



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