Jul. 20th, 2014

Nothing to do know for mom except wait. I offered to fly up next weekend like I'd offered to fly up this weekend, and the response was the same--the thought of visitors was a bit much. (though her email today says no, come on up, so we will get that arranged!)

In other news, work has been productive. Cawr's second paper is under review; Vepa's first paper ever is under review (and she was so excited to push the "submit" button! :); Naco's one paper is out with co-authors and should be submitted this week, and his second paper is with me right now for one final pass before sending it to co-authors and then for submission. The team locally is going great guns, and as a group they are really coming to grips with at least three different software packages that they need to do these resting state fMRI analyses. We aren't top of the line, but we are doing what the mass of labs are doing, so we should be in good shape. I'm expecting some papers out of that this fall! (Which is exciting for both me and the students. :)

Plus, I've made a connection with an energetic young psychiatrist at the hospital at the end of the block, who runs the treatment resistant psychosis clinic and is VERY interested in getting research going. We had a long discussion this past Monday with the imaging center acting director on how to scan clinical patients there, etc. We have some ideas! We just need to get it going.

The hubby's been doing great on the text mining project, keeping all the master's and PhD students charging along so we know actually have a functioning infrastructure, where we can query PubMed, then pull the relevant files from some journals and shove 'em straight into a database properly divvied up by section (Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions) for later processing. Woot!! Plus the CS Prof we are working with says the hubby should be on these students' committees, which is a good thing for him to have on his CV.

And at work the Chair who hired me has moved up the ranks to something else at the college level, and the Associate Chair is now the new Chair. I am hoping he is not Too Nice for the Job, but he's been working with the old Chair for years and knows all the ins and outs, she thought the world of hi, so I have confidence in him. He and I are meeting for lunch this coming Tuesday to discuss where I'm at and my space needs, etc. (on his initiative! Which is very nice).

Hmm. A quick tour through Priceline and Delta shows that leaving for DC on Friday evening and coming back Sunday is going to be over $1000 for two adults. I need to dig some more!



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