Jul. 25th, 2014

this week has been a series of ups and downs--first, the confirmation that it was pancreatic cancer, and another CT scan to get a better contrast on where it was. The confirmation that it was not particularly early stage, and it's positioned around the hepatic veins so they can't do surgery and get it out. That was all by Wednesday night, which is why yesterday morning I was crying while driving to work (which I do NOT recommend).

But then last night came the news that while it is not as teeny as might be hoped, it has not metastasized (sp?), which is absolutely great news for prognosis. She'll be starting radiation/chemo to shrink the tumor away from the blood vessels (for some time X, not sure what X is), so they can then go in and do the surgery. She goes next week to find out what the chemo/radiation cocktail is going to be.

Fingers crossed her tumor does not put up a fight!

In weird news, I was awakened at 3:30 am this morning by a loud pounding on the door and insistent doorbell ringing. I don't think the hubby ever woke up, but once I figured out it wasn't a dream I wrapped myself in the local blanket and went to answer the door. It was the cops responding to a 911 call, confirming everything was ok. They claimed they'd gotten a 911 call from our location.

Now both our phones were plugged in just a few feet from where I was standing, and no one had touched them in hours. But he confirmed the address and I confirmed the hubby and I were fine, and he went on his way.

So two questions from that: 1) how did that happen? Is it suddenly a cool prank to call 911 and give a fake address? did someone have a phone number that used to be billed to our address and they butt-dialed 911 at 3 am? How random would that have to be?

and the 2nd question is, how much time to cops have to waste responding to wrong 911 calls?

Don't get me wrong, I've done it myself. In ABQ at work one time I was calling someone in the 919 area code, so I had to dial 9-1-919- phone number, and I missed the 2nd nine, hit 911 by mistake, realized what I'd done, then promptly hung up to start over. And in 10 minutes there were cops in my office confirming that I was ok--which was pretty impressive, given the way phone numbers at work got swapped around, I thought. But that's when I found out that once that 911 call goes through, hanging up does not cancel the call. Stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher you're cool and it was a mistake, otherwise they figure out where it came from and come find you.

So what 911 call went through that they thought came from our address? In ABQ we were on a street that ran all the way through town, so if this had happened there, I'd have assumed they should have been at the same address but SE instead of NE. But here, we're on a little spur. There's no corresponding address in another quadrant. They'd have to be on a Circle or a Lane instead of a Drive, or something.

(Hmmm--actually there is a place with our address on a Circle somewhere near by, I think. I hope they didn't make a 911 call and then the cops didn't show up!)



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