Jul. 27th, 2014

So Mom is in good spirits and not noticeably yellow any more, though she is very, very tired and always cold. She sees the chemo doctor later this week to get the treatment plan (how much chemo and radiation and when, and how long it will take to see if the tumor is receding to the point where they can cut it out), and then we go from there. As she said, from here on it's just a slog.

But she had told one of her doctors that she was ready to split up her jewelry among her two daughters and daughter-in-law, and he said, "Now who told you do that? There's no need to rush into that." or words to that effect. Which for some reason I found more reassuring than almost anything else that was said in the last week.

My brother, sister-in-law and nephews came over at tea time yesterday and stayed through dinner (order-in Chinese!! Yay!). But mom's friend Maryann called around 5:30 and offered to come pray for Mom and Mom said absolutely, so we had a lovely prayer meeting for about 15 minutes at 6 pm. Standing around Mom (she got to sit, obviously!) with our hands on her shoulders and eventually tears just running down everyone's cheeks (except the nevvies but they are young and it's not their mom).

There are some things you want so much, you can't say them out loud, hence my tears. But this is important to mom and dad, and reassuring to the childhood patterns in me, so hey. It was good. Mom and Dad are very pleased that all her doctors are Catholic and offered to pray for her almost to a man, at various points.

Dinner was just everyone chatting, the nevvies insisted on one round of Mad Libs before leaving (which worked surprisingly well). Then the sis and I bought a bottle of wine at the convenience store across the street and sat in our hotel room putting most of it away and chatting about books, TV shows, relationships, etc.

Had breakfast with mom and dad this morning--dad had hoped they could both drive me to the airport this morning but mom was not up for it, so he drove me and we got a chance to chat a bit. Apparently my coming up this weekend meant a lot to both of them, for all I felt kind of like I strong-armed them into it, offering numerous times until I got a yes response. ;) So that was the right thing to do.



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