Aug. 8th, 2014

So much going with nothing happening... I developed a cold in the middle of last week which pretty much made the weekend all sleep, but after a week it has finally worn off. I have, however, discovered sloe gin! We were out for dinner the other night and were next to one of the big liquor stores, so we stopped in after dinner to pick up the next bottle of rum and see what else took our fancy. I always like to try something new, so I was picking through the sections with liquors made of things I've never heard of--the nice thing about having smart phones is I can stand there checking out what something is while the hubby pores over exactly what kind of vodka he wants, and that sort of thing. It turns out Mahita tastes like pine, as far as we can find out, so we voted against that. But they had some bottles of sloe gin in next to the elderberry liqueur and St. Germain and other random stuff, and since I like gin I looked up sloe gin to see what it was, and picked up a bottle. It's sloe berries steeped in gin, so hey.

But while we were standing there discussing it an older woman came up to us and asked us for advice on what to buy--she was apparently having people over after dinner and wanted something to serve them that wasn't as cloyingly sweet as dessert wine. So we walked her through the various options that we know about that were all laid out there, from citrus-based, nut-based, berry-based, chocolate-based, coffee-based, etc. She said she already had brandy and sherry, so she didn't think fruit-based would fit; so she picked out some Fra'angelico and I hope it worked out for her. That was fun. :)

Sloe gin is great! At least to me--I've got the kind of palate that can't taste scotch or whiskey or different kinds of wine, but I have definite opinions about tequila, gin, and brandy. Sloe gin is purply plum in color and the hubby says it smells like cough syrup, but it tastes like berries. It tastes round! The taste of berries is not overpowering, it's not really sweet, it's almost cranberry-like but it's not as bitter as Campari, though it's heading that way taking blueberries with it. It tastes round--I don't really know what that means, but tasting it evoked all sensations of little round blue berries. You can't drink it and not have that imagery. I said to the hubby it tasted round and he agreed. ;)

Tonight I had a sloe screw (sloe gin and orange juice)--the flavors spread out so you taste first the orange juice, followed by berries, then the punch of gin. Noms. :)

Mom had her port put in today for the chemo. I called last night and they were both doing well; they'd been to the chemo class, of all things, that the medical center offered, and were feeling very reassured. Mom pointed out it was the same place she had chemo 20 years ago for her 2nd round of breast cancer, and it was completely different--totally improved! Whereas before she had to whangle and wheedle to get a topical painkiller just for the needle biopsy, and if you got sick from the chemo you had to call for a prescription and then stumble out and get it--now they are putting the anti-nausea medication right in with the chemo, she automatically gets a prescription for pain killers, anti-diarrhea medication, etc. on the off chance she might need it. Preventative! pro-active! Dad said a good hour of her pre-port surgery time was interacting specifically with a doctor about any potential concerns--not waiting to deal with side-effects, but talking first about potential concerns. Lots of work to keep her positive, well-informed, and comfortable. That's what I call good healthcare; and as mom attests, it didn't used to be that way, so it's a good thing it's that way now! She starts the chemo on Wednesday.



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