Sep. 2nd, 2014

I got to talk to Mom yesterday evening, for the first time in a week and a half. It was good to hear her voice, even though it had to be brief. She had good energy and sounded very normal, but couldn't talk for long.

They had thought she'd be transferred to a facility where she could get physical therapy etc. today, but they have to check that the drain they put in is still working, keeping the fluid out of the space below her lungs. Yeesh. If it ain't one thing...

Yesterday though, I fell down the stairs and bruised my back rather badly. We have two steps down between the dining room and living room, and it's all hardwood floors, and I was wearing socks to keep my feet warm. And I somehow mis-stepped on the top step, my feet went out from under me, and I went flying up in the air, coming down with the lower step hitting me just below the small of my back. Very odd sensation--I knew it was coming and had a few seconds in the air to think, holy crap, I'm going to crack a vertebrae. Hope I can still walk after this.

But luckily I didn't crack anything, not my back or neck or head, though I have a lovely massive bruise and scraped skin right across my spine. I had a hard time breathing properly for what probably seemed longer than it was, but I lay there on my back waving my feet around weakly (both from the pain and a desire to make sure I could) for a few seconds and trying to reassure the hubby that I wasn't dead.

Wow was that painful. I was limping about like an old lady for the rest of the day, even with two Alleve in my system. Today it's down to just sore, I can walk around without a problem, but the occasional combined turn and move or lift will make me squeak a little. I can't believe I didn't chip anything; my mom cracked her tailbone doing almost exactly that move when she was younger than I am. Like I said to the hubby, good thing I am carrying a lot of padding. ;)



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