Sep. 14th, 2014

well quickly: Mom's been in the hospital, then moved to a rehab center, where she still is. She's been slowly recovering from the issues with the chemotoxicity, and still has a gall bladder drain that she's hoping will come out on Tuesday. After they figured it out the first time, she was getting better, then she had an infection, dehydration, she's better, she's worse--but the past few days have been a steady upwards trajectory, walking first with a walker and then a cane and then just fine on her own; and she was able to leave the rehab center for a few hours yesterday for tea at home, and today for church. After church she wanted to go out for lunch and get a steak!! Which is simply marvelous. :) :) They are hoping she'll be released to go home on Friday.

And then we start the whole shebang over, but let's not consider that right now. I got to call her for a few minutes tonight and it was the most valuable thing that's happened to me recently, to hear her voice and her laugh. :)

Meanwhile, life continues for those of us not tied up at the hospital. I'm totally behind on pretty much everything, but I'm ready for class tomorrow, at least. I have papers and reviews hanging over my head, and my free time tomorrow is working on grant text for a meeting Tuesday. That's why we have meetings, to prioritize whatever we promised to do for the meeting! I can count at least 8 things I was supposed to have finished by now, but oh well, crap. The things we *have* made progress on are good.



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