Jan. 1st, 2015

Christmas was quiet--we had homemade keema and dal, I skyped home as they were getting together and opening my sister's birthday presents, the hubby and I opened gifties in the evening. We got my mom books that she wanted (and one that she didn't ask for, but which I wanted her opinion on, which she has already been reading and asking questions about! :), my dad some ballet videos he wanted; my sister didn't give me a list so I bought her a red pendant necklace for her birthday and a different one for Christmas. She seemed to like them! They looked as nice in person as they did on the website, which is a relief. ;) I got my sister-in-law a panini press she wanted, my brother got some Vorkosigan novels because I wanted to know if he would like them, my younger nevvie got a game he wanted and my older nevvie got Caves of Steel, the Stainless Steel Rat, and the Wizard of EarthSea. The younger nevvie will probably read them first, but such is life. :) I think my sister got my brother the Foundation trilogy, and about damn time--I couldn't believe he didn't already have it on his shelf. ;)

The hubby and I didn't swap Christmas presents 'cause we are saving up to buy some equipment, and we asked the family to chip in, so there are a lot of checks we need to deposit. :) But he got me the Just Dance 2014 and 2015 Wii games for my birthday, and I've been having a wonderful time with those in the meantime. He finally figured out what he wanted for his birthday (from *August*) and we went out before New Year's and got him a MacBook Pro. :) Woot!

I went to the 10 am Christmas Day service, which I think is the first one I've been to all year. It felt good, and I am very aware that I need to make sure to start going again regularly. We will try again.

We've been gearing up to go see my mom and dad, and spend a few days after that with the hubby's parents, before coming back for the start of the semester. We figured out how to turn the water off to the house before leaving, which was quite an accomplishment. ;) But now my mom fell yesterday and broke her hip, so she's in the hospital now getting a partial hip replacement. I had a brief chat with her and dad this morning, and we'll know more this afternoon hopefully. The hubby offered that we should flip the trip, and go to his parents first and then mine in the 2nd half of next week--I ran that by Dad and they are considering it.

So everything is very much in the air, and needless to say I am terrified of my mom going under the knife in her current state, though I appreciate it is the only option. I can *not* imagine how my dad is holding up.



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