Aug. 19th, 2015

I took a long weekend and went to Rehoboth to see my family; they've been doing a vacation in Rehoboth for the past 10 years, renting a beach house from some church friends. My parents go for the full week, and my siblings join for the last few days. So I flew to Philly on a Thursday night and drove the 2+ hours from PHL to Rehoboth each, and spent Friday and Saturday with everyone, coming back on Sunday. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, and my sister and dad had the same problem with camera phones that I do--so we only have some blurry impressionistic photos of the weekend from various restaurants. My sister in law had a real camera and took official photos, but she hasn't gotten around to sending them yet. ;)

Mom is doing well; she has a cane because her feet are numb (though they are coming back online slowly) but she was trundling all over the beach town and boardwalk, and napping to keep up her energy. Dad had a cough which was bothering everyone given his tendency to pneumonia and his responsibilities for mom, but he was insistent he was fine (and he was).

I got to have fun discovering the boardwalk (old hat for all of them, of course, but new to me), and the elder nephew and I rode the amusement park rides, the swinging dragon ship and spinning gyrotron, which are rides I haven't seen much less been on in years and years. Omg that was fun. There's something about being dropped from the equivalent of a 3rd story window that really does reboot one's emotional system. I think it's the primal fear of death combined with the top-down knowledge that you're not going to die that creates a certain state of clarity. :) I felt great for hours after that. Apparently no one else will ride those rides with my nephew any more, so that worked out well.

The hubby wouldn't come with me--he used to do vacations in Ocean City as a kid and it was not a good time for him. Plus the trip earlier in June left him with headaches for a few days, so even a short trip to PHL doesn't work. Just as well, to be honest--the traffic from PHL to the beach was INSANE the night I got in, and what should have been just a 2 hour drive took closer to three. Plus as I noted on FB, I made the mistake of renting from Dollar and so did everyone else in town: I waited an HOUR in line to pick up the car on the way out, and 15 minutes dropping it off on the way back. Given that National and Enterprise are basically immediate, no waiting at all in either direction, that is unacceptable. So I was supposed to show up around 6 or 6:30 and it was closer to 8 pm before I rolled in.

We watched the first Republican debate that night (followed by John Stewart's farewell show)--it was actually much better than I'd expected. I thought the questions were fairly hard hitting, and Trump didn't dominate the airtime as much as had been predicted. Kasich actually seemed like a reasonable human being. It was absurd how much time they spent talking about defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing Obamacare, as though that's what is keeping Americans poor and overworked these days. Did they even talk about the troops and various wars going on overseas? I don't think they did. A little about ISIL, maybe, but I may have wandered off for a drink and missed it.

I had a lot of time to chat with Mom that weekend, which was good (we agree about the Pope being a good guy :), and some with Dad, and more with my sister in law than I have in years, which was good. My elder nephew is playing Clash of Clans and other online games and I warned him to keep it to a minimum, using myself as a bad example (since I can kill HOURS on absolute garbage with those games, though we all know not to spend any $$ on it at least). He seems to be able to put it down after 15 minutes, though. Heh--Since Dad was so active in church renewal (/schism) in Argentina, he knows the head of the Anglican church there, and that fellow was friends with the guy who became Pope. Mom says the Pope likes to make his own phone calls, and Dad's friend has had the disconcerting experience of getting a phone call from someone who said, "Hey, it's me, the pope..." :) or words to that effect. ::chuckle::

and I did not have a fight with my sister about politics or anything the whole weekend. We were both very restrained and mostly just snorted at each other's inanities. ;) My SIL said that there were a few years when my sister and my mom got into screaming matches about it, at which point she would shepherd the nephews out of the house to the beach, but it's calmed down since then. That surprised me--I didn't realize they had fought about it so violently. That's kind of sad, so I'm glad it's not happening any more. Apparently my brother and SIL are much more centrist, which is a relief. ;)



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