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Almost a month after being admitted, Mom is finally home from the hospital and the rehab facility. Sans drains, wires, tubes, or even canes (though she does have a walker or something for when she gets tired). She is almost beside herself with glee at being home! :) :) The nurses at the hospital I think told her that when the body responds that badly to chemo, it's actually a good sign because usually the tumor is taking an equal hit--if you shrug off the chemo, so does the tumor. I'm hoping they are right and that tumor has shriveled!

They also did not take out her gall bladder, for all it was giving her such fits. Now she is back to recovering and stabilizing a bit before starting again. (fingers crossed!)

It has been good to be in such constant contact, though. I know it has taken a toll on Dad to be emailing everyone so frequently, in and around being at her multitudinous doctor consultations--and taking care of himself! The day she went into the hospital, he lost a crown! So he's been dealing with that totally under the radar, for the past few weeks. Poor Pop... He had to get a bridge and everything, all by himself with no one to help out. Never rains, huh? But people from her church have been coming by the hospital regularly, and my sis has been over every weekend cooking and helping out (she is earning stars in her crown!!!), though that often doesn't help him get time to himself. As he pointed out, the challenge is finding time to do the laundry and restock the milk, etc.! It will be a break for him too, to have Mom back at home, even if she does need gentle handling and a lot of help.

When my brother was out and had dinner with us he pointed out in those early days, Dad was basically watching his wife dissolve before his eyes, getting weaker and weaker with the fluid building up in her abdomen until they figured out what was going on and got it drained/reversed/etc. That was a particularly horrific metaphor (and the hubby held me tight and made me promise to never dissolve ;). With that in mind, this does seem miraculous, even if it has taken a slow upward swing over weeks and was not an overnight recovery.



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