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It's been a while. :) At work, we have gotten a bunch of papers submitted (or revised and resubmitted), and an R21 got submitted (small grant); I'm actually quite pleased with all that! It was harder than it sounds. And I'm presenting to the IRB tomorrow about why it's ok to scan people with severe mental illnesses in the MRI. Hopefully I will only have to do that once, and we will be good to go. I'm scared of getting an imaging project actually going--it is a lot of work and a lot can go wrong--but I need to do it.

I am starting to feel like we are getting somewhere on the schizophrenia front--there are enough structural imaging papers and projects we have done that a) I am starting to believe that the multivariate analyses are truly showing reproducible results that are related to some underlying trait, b) we can do something with symptom measures like hallucination severity and c) I may actually be responsible for adding to the world's store of knowledge about schizophrenia. This is a good thing. :)

My hundredth paper is one of the ones currently under review. This is also a good thing!

The hubby and I have been out looking at the occasional house and neighborhood. Nothing yet, though a few things have gotten close.

I have to pull together my tenure packet, and have had a few meetings with my previous and current chairs about that. Omg it is a lot of work--you basically take everything that is on your CV and flesh it out by several orders of magnitude, so that what was a few pages now takes 8-10" of shelf space in printed paper. It is a serious waste of time, as far as I can tell. It doesn't say much that isn't already obvious in my CV. I have to print out copies of about 40-50 of my articles, which are already listed on my CV; I need several versions of my CV, one normal and one "annotated" so that for every article it says what role I played in it and what I did; I need the syllabi for the classes I have taught, slides from an example lecture, and copies of feedback from the students (that is one of the few parts not already captured by the CV); I take the grants listed on my CV and copy them again to another place under a new heading; I take the student theses, presentations and publications already listed on my CV and copy them to another place under a new heading, fleshing out who did what and arguing how I'm marvelous at undergraduate and graduate mentoring; and I need to write some teaching and research statement that proves I'm looking ahead and have a decent research program in place--which, again, should be obvious from the fact that I have four funded grants as co-PI, a couple as co-I, and half a dozen more under review. I'm sure there is more, too, that I am forgetting.

And I need names of about 8-12 reviewers who are expert enough to understand my work but not closely involved enough to care whether I do well or not, who are also tenured profs at research universities in the US. ;) They can't be on a grant with me, for sure, or my advisor or any sort of official mentor. That part's ok, but technically, I'm not supposed to have been co-authors with them on anything, and that gets more tricky! But I can write a paragraph or so for each one explaining who they are and what my relationship with them is, so that should help. I need to check with Vica and Jubo about their recommendations, as well as others that I would ask except we are on grants together--they may have suggestions.

The hubby and I went to the Maker Fair in Decatur a few weeks ago; it was all 3D printers and virtual reality glasses, as well as a surprising amount of metal working and welding (more than one steam-punk makers' group!). There were a bunch of booths from GA Tech, with all sorts of lasers you could build/get/hack, and someone who was converting old living room furniture into bicycles, the astronomers had a booth, there was a gamers' group actively hacking away developing games in one booth and letting people play the new games in another, and Agnes Scott College had a nice display about using easily available drones to collect pollution measurements dynamically. And the home-schooled kids' booth, where they had--wait for it--home-made soap (SIGH!!). The highlight was the build-it-and-race-it go-Kart race that we happened to get there just in time to see; it was all adults with serious go-carts built out of lawnmowers and old bikes and various bizarre things, and they had to do a full 20 laps of a curvy, hill course. It was a bit like a science fair, in that a number of groups were there showing off what they had done; but others were showing what could be done, and a few were actually looking to recruit new people.

What surprised both the hubby and me was how few groups were actively recruiting new people; we had thought it would be a good place to get on mailing lists and see who's doing what around town. But only one group was actively pushing a sign up sheets, and others were positively reticent. Very odd. A collection of introverts. ;)
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