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Wow I am grumpy today. I can't focus for the life of me. Thursday and Friday last week I was at the INCF neuroimaging data sharing task force meeting in DC; yesterday I was with my family; today I'm at SFN and in a few hours I'll head to the airport. But I have just no patience, and I feel like everything is just Too Much. Thursday was fine, great meeting, lots of interesting stuff, but Friday I had a nasty headache all day that didn't respond to anything, so I made it through the day but then I skipped the group dinner Friday night and just crashed in my room for 12 hours. Saturday was all right--I still had a bit of a headache but it went away, and it was great to see my family (and my sister and I did not get in a fight! we actually found other things to talk about like books and TV shows and traffic in northern Virginia, etc. I refused to respond to her assertion that the President is to blame for the increased "racial divide" and increased racial tensions in the US...). Mom was doing surprisingly well and was able to come to dinner at my brother's; but my word she is frail, and I'm not used to my mother being frail. It's rather terrifying. It was very clear she wanted me to come visit again as soon as possible, though possibly not until she's done with the next few rounds of chemo. That's stressful.

This morning I was trying to get here at 8:30 am to hear the first talks, and didn't make it to anything until 9:30--I got to the convention center around 8:45, but then went the wrong way round to get to any of the things I wanted to see, stopped in line for 10 minutes (and $10!) to get the worst coffee ever, a dry muffin, and a bottle of water, ended up throwing out most of the muffin and coffee and missing the one speaker I should have seen, who was the head of NIH talking about fostering reproducibility in science.

I did take some notes on the two speakers I did hear, and then split to try again to get a cup of coffee and work on my lecture for class tomorrow. That worked out ok, and I heard 2/3 of a really interesting lecture on ingroup/outgroup stuff before I met Suhsi at 12:30 for lunch--haven't seen her in years, so it was good to have a chance to catch up. But it took us forever to find a place where we could sit down and eat, and then it was almost 2:30 before I got back to the conference--and another mutual friend was supposed to meet us and never showed up, just kept texting she was a few minutes away--I dunno, just annoying. I had a niggling suspicion that other person did not want to actually meet with me, but I think that's probably paranoia and she's just a fruitcake. Sushi's doing fine and her hubby is doing great, top of the world for his career at least, but wow they are not happy people. And that's just hard to listen to. It makes me downplay my own enthusiasm, and since I was already feeling a little iffy about stuff, I couldn't keep up the bubbly persona. I ended up rather depressed, which is annoying when you're seeing an old friend.

I left Suhsi at the door to the conference and proceeded to go completely the wrong way round again to where I wanted to go, so I gave up on hearing the last half hour of the neuroscience of gaming because I couldn't find the room. I thought I would stop in at the working memory talks, where I could find the room, but I listened for two minutes to some grad student stumbling his way through an MEG study and gave up. Not worth it. No patience! grrrrrr.

So I am going to read through student paper rough drafts until I am meeting up with my post-doc and recent grad, and hopefully I can put on a happy face for them. ;) Then I am off to the airport where I can finish my lectures and other stuff in peace and not feel so much like there is something else I should be doing. I really wish I knew why I was in such a bad mood. This is a good conference, lots of good stuff going on, but for some reason I only want to go home and curl up in front of the TV with the hubby and forget anything else is going on.
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