2015-02-28 08:02 am

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Mom is home from the rehab center, her protein cancer markers are in the normal range, and she's got a bunch more treatments to go but they will scale back the dosage a bit. She is in good spirits and back on line after her laptop got fried a few weeks ago. I have not been in regular touch with Dad,but he is in good health and doing ok.

Mom is thrilled that so many of her doctors and specialists and whatnot are Christians who pray regularly. When I was talking to her this week she mentioned she was getting prayer from Christians, Jews, Buddhists, vaguely spiritual folks, Muslims--basically, she was covered no matter what. I am amused.

I got the official notification from my dept chair that I am eligible for tenure and early promotion, so get the paperwork going. Tenure we knew about, but the early promotion is a question. I am still trying to get an answer on what that means. But yeah, now we are on a roll. We shall see what the future holds!

Haven't read any good books lately; I sent my nevvies a bunch of books for Christmas and another for yhe birthday in February, but haven't heard if they liked them. My sister had a couple of recommendations of books by various sci fi authors she thought were really good that I would like, and I asked her for a list. Unfortunately when I looked them all up they were all military sf, tales of fighting alien empires or stuff like that. Just a few shades away from Starship Troopers. SIGH. I had hoped for a possible point of contact. We all agree on GGK but that's about it.

I am a bit sad that Leonard Nimoy has finally died. On the one hand, I am very aware of the distinction between actors and the roles they play--so while hell yes, Spock was always my favorite, that character died long ago and Nimoy is not Spock. Either Spock was already dead or he lives on as much as he ever did, as a fictional character; Nimoy is not Spock. On the other hand, he seems to have been a genuinely nice guy who was generous and helpful and compassionate and generally a benefit to humanity; and that is a true loss.