Jun. 7th, 2014

Well the trip to Nijmegen was great--once again I did not have jet lag, even though I swear I didn't sleep a wink on the plane, try as I might. ;) This time I knew how the inter-city train worked, and I got to Nijmegen from Amsterdam without any fuss. I was at my hotel long before noon, with time to shower and send email before Alar picked me up for lunch around 12:30. He and I had a lot to discuss re: imaging genetics issues and questions, and I had a GENUS call at 4 pm, then we we were all off to a lab pot-luck dinner until 10 pm or so. That was lovely; it was held at a faculty member's house who has this historic old farm yard she and her husband have been replacing for a long time, and it is simply gorgeous, and as Alar pointed out, unbelievably spacious for the area. They had a whopping horse in the back that I thought was a Clydesdale, but it was the smaller version, the Shire? And there was SO MUCH to eat, and I was sitting next to a visiting geneticist from Australia (Same) so everyone at my end of the table spoke English, which was lovely. The younger set, not so much.

Then Friday there was a departmental meeting and one of Bafr's post-docs was presenting her work of the past year, so we all went and it was surprisingly clear, for being about ADHD in the fly and teasing apart the genetics of hyperactivity in the dark. From 10 until noon I met with Bafr and Alar and Same, and discussed ENIGMA and other efforts, which was very helpful. I had lunch with another student who's got about 200 subjects doing a language fMRI task and GWS, and she had some great ideas about what to do with the data. Then my talk was at 2 pm, and it went very well by all accounts. Lots of questions, lots of discussion, lots of ideas clearly springing up, so that's all to the good. Unfortunately Alar's wife got called in for a late shift at the hospital and he had to take care of his kid instead of joining us for dinner, but Bafr and Same and I had a great time. I was back in the room about 9:15 to try to skype with the hubby, but unfortunately the power in Atlanta had been wacky due to storms and the internet there was out! :P

Today was less successful--I got to the train station with time to spare, made the first leg to Deventer no problem, made the second leg to Ostabruck or whatever with no problem--and then the train from there to Hamburg was TWO HOURS LATE. ARrrrrgh!! So instead of having all afternoon in Hamburg I got to my hotel closer to 5, very tired and hungry and dehydrated. I hung around in the hotel room for an hour hoping I could skype with the hubby, but no such luck; so I went off for a walk to the St. Michael's church and dinner. The walk was lovely; the church was very bleah. But dinner across the street, armed with my Kindle, was lovely again, and the walk back was much less hot.

Tomorrow, Workshops and the opening reception. Monday I have lunch with Vica, a meeting re: ENIGMA in the afternoon, and a dinner organized by the Frontiers publisher people; Tuesday I have an early morning meeting about something else ENIGMA related, then I stand by the various posters, and I think that's it. Wednesday is Jeci's poster and the MCIC dinner in the evening; Thursday is the closing day of the conference and I'm set for dinner with Dogr (yay!). Friday is the INCF data sharing meeting and Saturday I'm back home. Woot!



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