Aug. 24th, 2014

So Mom's been back in the hospital since Friday. She started running a fever and they admitted her that afternoon to start doing tests, and it's been up and down since then. At first they thought she might be able to come home on Saturday, but no such luck--some of her symptoms got worse, they had to do Xrays of her abdomen, etc.

The current consensus is a) she's doing better, feeling well enough to read the paper this morning and b) there's nothing obviously wrong, so it's apparently chemotherapy toxicity, which can come on suddenly even a week after the treatment, according to the doc. So they have to dial it back a bit, either in dosing levels or frequency. But Dad expects her to be in the hospital another few days.

Dad's been a love about emailing us kids every few hours with an update. I've emailed back generally cheery and upbeat responses, though I finally texted my sister yesterday to explain that I was totally freaking out about it, and we had a good phone call. She was in the same state as me, not sure what to do or when; the plan originally had been she was supposed to be over at their place today, making soup for mom for the week (since Mom has all these digestive issues anyway even before this, gluten free and fat free and no potatoes and just a whole bizarre list of stuff she couldn't eat), and as of yesterday it was not at all clear what was going to happen, whether she should be buying groceries or not. SIGH.

But Dad's not feeling expansive--in my last email to him I asked directly what hospital they were in (he hadn't said!) and whether we could do anything like call their church or anything, and his email in response was surprisingly brusque, for him. He's usually quite polite and friendly, so I figure he's taking it understandably hard. He said he's emailing friends from church separately, so that's good.

Aaaaand the first day of classes is tomorrow. Of course. :P



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