Sep. 15th, 2014

So Friday of last week, I was walking with the hubby from my office to the nearest reasonable coffee shop, and the path took us through a big hall/meeting space on the ground floor of my building. This area was packed with young women, but there were no signs as to what was going on or why they were there, other than that it was clearly deliberate; there were rows of chairs set up and most of them were being sat on, as their occupants chatted as though waiting for an activity or speaker to start.

Ok, so that was odd. But as we walked back and forth through them, I realized they were all a) young, b) slender, c) white to olive-complexioned, and d) they all had long, straight hair. Seriously! They weren't all blonde; hair color had all the normal varieties, though no one was pink or blue or any unnatural shade. But everyone's hair reached at least to their shoulders or farther, and it was all blunt cunt; no one had any interesting asymmetries going, no one had even a short bob. No one had curly hair. Wavy, yes, and some was thick and others were fine. But no one had curls. No one was fat (or even very curvy), no one was pierced or tattooed, no one was even overly short, though there were a few very tall ones.

Sorority recruitment, it turned out. That was my bet when I realized how physiologically homogeneous they were, and I confirmed it later when I saw someone manning an official (though still unlabeled) table, and could ask them. Yes, stereotypes are occasionally true. ;)

It is very disturbing to see that lack of variety in such a large group of people. It was just on the edge of noticeable--they weren't all cookie cutter, stepford wives versions of each other. But dang, they had a really constrained set of variations, which just made it weird and uncomfortable until I figured out that's what I was seeing. I knew I was not a fan of sororities, and that just confirmed it. :P



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